Bruce Conti's operating position at Priest Pond, PEI, October 2010. (Photo credit: Bruce Conti)

Welcome to the PEI DX-Peditions Wiki

DX-Peditions are scheduled events in which radio hobbyists (both ham radio and "listening only" enthusiasts) congregate in remote locations to take advantage of geography, natural cycles (seasons, sunspots, etc,), networking, antenna and equipment sharing, and learning.

PEI DX-Peditions specifically covers scheduled Mediumwave (MW) broadcast band DX listening sessions in Atlantic Canada's province of Prince Edward Island. The autumn months are best for this activity, so the DX-Peditions have been typically held in October. Before the PEI events started in 2008, Maritime Provinces DX-Peditions took place annually on Miscou Island (NB).

DX listening can be quite casual, as when someone is tuning AM radio stations at night looking for coverage of a distant sporting event such as a baseball game, or the listening can be highly technical and involve measurements, computer-controlled radio equipment, specialized antennas, solar activity tracking, etc. DX-Peditioners are more technically-oriented and therefore I have chosen the "Science" category in which to list this WIKI.

Brent Taylor, VY2HF, Stratford, PEI, Canada

Bruce Conti DXing at Priest Pond, PEI. Chris Black (N1CP) on far left. (Photo by Brent Taylor)

AM (BCB, MW) DXing

AM DXing is well described on Wikipedia in this article, and also this article

On my own Web site,, I also feature a brief description of the hobby, as well as some DX audio captures in MP3 format.

There are many clubs and individual Web pages dedicated to the hobby:

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Antenna "farm" at dusk, Priest Pond, PEI